let the cat out of the bag


To “let the cat out of the bag” means to tell information that was supposed to remain secret.

example sentences.

1. Maj Miller didn’t want to tell everyone about his new assignment until it was official, but he did tell his family. His children soon let the cat out of the bag by telling all of their friends.

2. Alice hasn’t told her best friend about her decision to marry Allan yet. She is afraid her friend will let the cat out of the bag before she can tell everyone the news herself.


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Don’t die for a dead line!

It seems nowadays that it’s not so much about working hard to sustain life and make ends meet; working too hard or too much has become something of an addiction or compulsion. Why should we be working harder when our quality of life is better? Isn’t that a contradiction? Katharina case explores the phenomenon of workaholism….

There is a different between a hard worker and a workaholic. Hard workers are those that put in 100 percent of their effort to every job, but once that job is done they get on with the rest of their life. Workaholics, by contrast are people who place work at the top of their priorities, for a variety of reasons. The workaholic is not in control of his life, and cannot set the important boundary between work and life. It is surprisingly easy to fall into a pattern of work being the main focus and the rest of life being secondary, or even non existent.

You may assume that the majority of people would do anything to work less and play more. This could be generally correct; however, if someone’s only source of fulfillment or form of amusement is work, then work becomes something desirable. In fact, a slow descent into workaholism will often cause alienation from friends and family , and in turn work becomes the only thing of value in someone’s life. Many people have a love-hate relationship with work stressfull and challenging, yet at the same they need that stress and challenge in their lives as a form of motivation or amusement. (more…)

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ten rules of human relations


1. SPEAK TO PEOPLE. there is nothing so nice as a cheerful world of greeting

2. SMILE AT PEOPLE . It takes 72 muscles to frown, only 14 to smile.

3. CALL PEOPLE BY name. The sweetest music to anyone’s ears is the sound of his own name.

4. BE FRIENDLY and helful. If you would have friends, be a friend. (more…)

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Eat Fish For a Healthy Brain

A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology examined the relationship between what women ate while they were pregnant and the cognitive test scores of their children three years after birth.

The study results revealed that women who ate fish while pregnant gave birth to babies who by age 3 had significantly better cognitive and fine-motor skills than those whose mothers didn’t eat fish during pregnancy.

The 3-year-olds from the women who reported eating more than 2 servings of fish per week performed better than average on tests that assessed receptive vocabulary and visual-spatial, visual-motor, and fine-motor skills.

This result is significant because the most important time of development for our brains is before we are born. Almost all of our neurons have been created by the time of our mothers’ second trimesters, when the critical process of establishing the correct interconnections is taking place. (more…)

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